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Gift Boxes

Thank you for considering an apple gift box from Lakeside Orchards this holiday season. We truly appreciate your support of our gift box program.


As in earlier years, we offer several sizes of gift boxes of McIntosh, Macoun, and Honeycrisp apples. Normally, we also offer Cortland apples, but the freezing temperatures we experienced on May 18, 2023 damaged most of the blossoms on our Cortland trees. Thus we are unable to offer Cortland gift boxes this year.


Thank you again for considering an apple gift box. Please let us know if you have any questions or you would like any assistance in placing your order.


Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


  • Gift boxes are shipped on Mondays to prevent packages from sitting in a warehouse over weekends.

  • Shipping to addresses in Arizona, California, Idaho, Minnesota, and Utah is not available until November 28, 2023.

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